2006 Dodge Ram 2500

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Condition Used
Mileage 275,000 km
Year 01-2006

Vehicle Details

Condition Used
Make Dodge
Model Ram 2500
Year 01-2006
Price $7,650
Mileage 275,000 km
Color White
Body Style Pickup
Transmission Automatic
Doors 4

Vehicle Description

Hello, I am currently selling my beautiful Dodge for a very reasonable price. I have no specific reason for selling, just ready to invest into a brand new truck and not really interested in trading in. This truck has been far more reliable than I could ever ask for, I’ve never been let down. So now I guess onto the list of pros and cons:
-5” lift kit
-3.73 installed in the rear
-Front & back axles completely redone to fit 3” spacers
-Brand new boots on Axles
-expensive airbags install in the back (they work amazing!)
-30” light bar
-6” light bar
-2 1” fog light bars
-4” light bar
NOTE-> the fog light bars and box light bar are currently connected as use them fairly often, however the 30” and 6” light bar are currently just disconnected and need to be hooked up again if you wish to use them, they all have their own switches
-Touch screen deck paired up with tuner for sub and AMP (SUB and AMP will not be included with the vehicle as they are too expensive and I don’t want to let them good, it will be wired for subs and AMP tho)
-60% tread available on RDR tires
-interior is very well taken care of, seats used to have a cover on them, it was taken off, they are starting to get that little bit of aging, but still very well taken care of
-AC/Heater + power windows, heated seats. All work excellent, the heated seats are warm within 2 minutes easily.
-2-Way security command start (very very nice command start, I have absolutely loved it and it was worth spending the cost, has a good reach to start the truck from a distance, and your keys buzz if someone even pulls the one of the handles of your truck while it’s locked)
-all 4 ball joints redone with the Axle replacement
-front end tie rods got replaced 2 years ago
And the list goes on, so I can’t fit it all in here, however the console has a complete list of every single recipe from the last 3 years off all the work done.
Now the cons:
-Probably due for an oil change at this point
-some electrical needs to be redone behind Deck and by the battery, and you need to re-hook up the 2 lights bars like I said if you want to use them
-the back breaks aren’t making a single sound, but it’s been a couple years since they were changed, I’d look at getting them checked to see how much life you have, but they haven’t made a sound yet and still look very clean
-liner in box is starting to come off in some places, a couple corners that could use a new screw to hold it in place
-the winch in the box for pulling Quads and Ski-Doos needs service. I believe the motor is blown, sadly
-rust is starting up in the wheel wells, not showing along the outside of the truck, but a few spots are showing